Store Update Updated November 11th, 2014

The Quantum Difference

  • Customers are #1

    At the heart of Quantum Vapor is a belief that shopping online doesn't mean you have to be treated poorly. Shopping at Quantum Vapor is just like shopping in a brick and mortar store. Customers have a right to ask questions and get answers in a quick and friendly manner.

  • Fast Free Shipping

    You shop online to save money and get what you want when you want it. Why lose all the savings on shipping! We offer fast, reliable flat rate shipping on all orders and we cover shipping costs on all orders of $25 or more! Plus, we only ever ship in top quality packaging in a manner that provides tracking for both our sanity. And who can resist our signature "Vape Mail" stamp!

  • Tried and True

    With the E-Cigarette market booming, new products are coming to market every day and most are of terrible quality or flat out unusable. We test every product before we offer it to the public to make sure it stands up to our rigorous standards. You might not find the latest product on our site first, but when we do carry it, it works and we stand behind it, honoring, if not extending, any manufacturer warranties.

  • All Natural Hand Made E-Liquid

    You've quit smoking analogs, so why take any chances with food coloring or additives. All our liquids contain 100% Natural or Organic Flavorings. None of our flavors contain Diacytel or Acetoine. You will notice the difference at first site and the clarity follows straight through to your vaping experience. To top it all off, each and every Quantum Vapor E-Liquid is hand made to order, stamped with a mix date for your verification.


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