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Quantum Vapor's website is back after a small vacation. With the FDA regulations looming overhead, we took some time to regroup, reformulate and relaunch our website.

FREE Shipping on every order

We now offer free shipping on every order, no more minimum order amount! Yes, that's correct, 100% free shipping, 100% of the time. It's like Amazon Prime but without any yearly fees.

TFN Nicotine has arrived and it's here to stay

Our reformulation introduces TFN Nicotine. A synthetic version of nicotine that is lab created and more pure than ever. Without the harsh by products of tobacco based nicotine, TFN allows our liquid to taste better, provide a smoother hit and completely removes the tobacco element from our quality liquids.

Proprietary Micro GMP System

Quantum Vapor is about innovation. We have introduced a new Micro GMP process that is exclusive to our website and retail locations. Developed from the ground up to specifically cater to our business of offering the worlds most customizable e-liquid on the planet! Every bottle is tracked, batched and accounted for within our new system dubbed 'QuantumNet'. We ensure that every bottle is made to your precise specifications and is consistent in flavor and strength every single time you place your order.

Refined In-Store Pickup Options

Our site always offered an 'in-store pickup' option, but this was limited to one location. We can now allow our online customers who are local to us to pick their closest Quantum Vapor location and grab their order. Or, if they like, hang out for a chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

Catering to your inner sweet tooth with Natural Sweetener

Further adding to our amazing flavor profile is the option for sweetener. Many e-liquids out there include a sweetener to enhance the flavor or provide a sweetened note. At no additional cost to you, you can now choose to have us sweeten things up a bit! A touch of sweetness can breathe new life into your favorite Quantum Vapor flavors.

Nothing but <3

We know our site has been down for some time, but please know that we never stopped loving our customers. All the efforts we have put forth into bringing this site back online have been for you! Our customers have been loyal to us and without them we wouldn't be here. And for that, we Thank You!

Team Quantum Vapor